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With templates for wedding invitations you can make an invitation card for wedding quickly and easily by yourself. Such wedding invitation template are actually pictures and other files for you with your computer, which can be changed with a program so that they are suitable for your own wedding. The layout and some pictures are usually included in the invitation template. You just have to add the date of the wedding and the place of the wedding ceremony and of the wedding party. With a template for an wedding invitation card you can save money if you have a way to print high quality invitation card by yourself. Alternatively you can find printing services for your cards offline and online in the internet.

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Wedding Congratulations Wording

If you would like to congratulate someone for the wedding, you usually send a wedding congratulation card with funny sayings about marriage and living together. Wedding cards sayings for a friend or relative may be a bit sarcastic. Traditional wedding cards contain short texts such as "We heartily congratulate the bride and groom to their marriage." That sounds a bit boring. "Now you've finally made it after 5 years, making your relationship official " is something more relaxed. Of course it always depends, who you send a wedding card. "Now you're married - which means that you now share everything. Practically speaking, each one has only half as much as before" is a common and funny wedding card saying that is suitable only for close friends. The wording in a congratulation cards should contain poems, phrases or other self written texts.

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Wedding Poems

Wedding poems are poems that revolve around marriage. These are short rhymes, verses or texts that can be used for various purposes. Thus one can understand wedding poems as a congratulation for the wedding, when you write a wedding congratulations card. You can also use such poems for invitations for the wedding guests and invite people in a witty and humorous way. You can also perform Wedding Poems on a wedding party in order to amuse the guests. To do this, you can combine some anecdotes and stories from the life of newly minted bride and groom into a poem.

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Wedding Symbols

Symbols for the wedding have evolved over the centuries and have partially fallen into oblivion. The most famous symbol, the wedding rings, which put both spouses during the marriage ceremony on the finger and wear it, ideally for life. During the marriage they are called wedding bands. Another symbol for the wedding is the wedding candle. It is given by the witnesses to the wedding couple. This candle is inscribed with the names of the couple and date and place of marriage. This symbol of wedding or marriage is less common. During the wedding, there are other traditions that can be seen symbolically. Thus, the kiss after the ceremony is maintained by all couples. The folding of the hands is a symbol of marriage that is not more widespread. In addition to wedding cake, bridal car, bridal gifts and bridal bouquet be regarded as symbols of the wedding.

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