Golden Wedding

Golden Weddings Gifts

If a married couple to celebrate golden wedding, then they are already married 50 years. This special anniversary achieve very few couples. So the golden wedding is often celebrated with a big party with all friends, realtives and neighbours. They all make gifts for the couple. Some good gift ideas for the 50th wedding anniversary are vouchers for a nice holiday at a sunny location or some wellness coupons for a relaxing weekend in special hotels.

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Golden Wedding Invitations

The golden wedding anniversary is traditionally held in honor of the anniversary couple a grand celebration with all the relatives and many friends. Often the people who would have been happy as a guest of the celebration of the golden wedding, widely dispersed geographically. So you should soon send invitations to the golden wedding. Invitations for this happy event may be allowed to print - often is a classic, one using 50 with a golden bay wreath. You can create invitations for the golden wedding anniversary but also original and print it yourself. This requires a computer and some design skills. It is a nice idea, if a photo of the couple is stuck in the invitation card.

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Golden Wedding Sayings

Sayings and phrases for the golden wedding anniversary are usually small, short texts, proverbs, funny jokes, or humourous rhymes and verses, which are sent as a golden wedding anniversary congratulation. Usually you write such golden wedding sayings into a greeting card to the golden wedding. When a couple is married 50 years, then this is a special lifetime achievement. We should congratulate neighbors, relatives and friends in any case. A little joke or a funny saying makes a greeting card more interesting and gives it a personal touch.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary Speech

A speech for a golden wedding anniversary ist one of the greatest difficulties The speaker faces the problem, presenting 50 years in just minutes! A golden wedding anniversary speech should be as short as not to bore the audience. Speeches longer than ten minutes are not very popular and the audience will hardly stay on the ball for more then 10 minutes.
Decades full of ups and downs of marriage and you have to sum it up into a speech of 5 or 10 mintes. Since many memories come together you should order all ideas and important milestones in the life of the anniversary couple.

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