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If a married couple to celebrate golden wedding, then they are already married 50 years. This special anniversary achieve very few couples. The divorce rate now very high so that a golden wedding can not come, of the other couples marrying today in much more advanced age than they did a few years ago and thus die before the golden wedding pending. For this reason, the gold wedding, as the golden wedding also called, a special occasion for a party with friends, acquaintances and relatives to adopt.

Gifts to the golden wedding

For the couple is often the key to the golden wedding that all family members get together again, and a good time with each other. It is one of the last opportunities for the spouses, all fond of people again to see and one day in the centre of attention. As the spouses at the time of the golden wedding in the old age, should friends and relatives much effort, the couple in the direction of the party and help them to this day an unforgettable experience. That one as a guest at the celebration for the golden wedding part is the first duty. In addition, the couple should be appropriate gifts to golden wedding.

Search for a gift idea

When searching for a gift for a golden wedding should differ in any case, whether it is in order to take a neighbor or acquaintance, or whether it is a gift for a close family members such as parents or very close friends. If more widely known or less close family members are descendants, it may be useful to present ideas. As a rule, the individual preferences, tastes and the needs of the pair beschenkenden not know exactly enough for a personal gift into consideration. As a gold wedding in the vast majority of cases, a costly affair for the gold couple, offers gift certificates for golden wedding as a suitable gift. With a voucher, the anniversary couple very own taste a nice gift.

Family photo on the golden wedding

Does one with the couple in a close relationship - are, for example, the parents or the grandparents, it should be on a very personal gifts to the golden wedding eighth. We are happy to take on the most any case, as the elderly often the family is the most important. When choosing a gift is the available capital naturally an important role. If the budget is not very large, you can, for example, a family photo decide on which, ideally, all relatives and acquaintances should be displayed, which also appear to celebrate. A beautiful picture frame completes the gift. This idea can also be varied so that, for example, only the children or grandchildren just the children of Goldpaars in the photo.

Trip to the golden wedding

A golden wedding is the result of a longstanding relationship between two people. There are also romantsiche gift ideas. If the health status of the couple is allowed, it may be both a gift of travel. Depending on your preferences, and taking account of the health aspects of it can be a cultural trip. A long trip abroad sometimes overwhelmed the elderly, so that the choice of destination wisely should be. As a rule, vacation trips to the sea, where it spent most of the day on the beach in the sun is just as inappropriate is animated adventure vacation or leisure travel. The whole family can provide for such a gift to merge so that the budget is not the individual blasts.


Whether you are personal and individual gifts or rather useful gifts for a golden wedding looks depends on the relationship with the anniversary couple. In any case, it is useful to apply before choosing a gift inspiration from a search on the Internet or through discussions with other relatives to fetch. If an overview of possible gift ideas for gold wedding won, is the choice of a suitable gift is usually much easier than if you voluntarily out spontaneously decide wish for something.

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