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Folding Money for Wedding Gifts

Monetary gifts have evolved in recent years to the most popular kind of gifts for weddings. In the past we have thought it is uninspired to give away money. Nowadays, the knowledge gained, that the donee with money are able to fulfill their own desires of any kind, and he was well pleased with a gift of money the most.

While monetary gifts can be quite simply by just putting some notes into an envelope, but it makes a better impression if you are considering an original packaging for the money gift. One way to give away money impressively is to fold money for gifts using techniques like origami. You can fold notes in many different ways. The Japanese origami technique is a traditionell way to fold paper which can be adapted for folding money for gifts. It is well-known for more than hundred years and numerous figures, animals, plants and objects and the way how they can be folded from a piece of paper is described in origami books. You cannot use any origami figure for money gifts because you are somewhat limited to the size and format of the notest. The various steps for folding one or more notes are documented in numerous origami books. Often a series of pictures are used to support the folding process. When folding paper money, you should make sure that the recipient can unfold it without damage. Finally, he would eventually spend the money and enjoy not only the artistically designed figures.

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