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Funny Birthday Sayings

With funny birthday sayings we congratulate someone for his birthday. This can be a friend, relative or even a work colleague, would like to be congratulated on his birthday. A birthday saying something sarcastic or ironic and can be playfully and humorously with the subjects ag, or growing up - depending on the age of the one having birthday we would like to congratulate. Sayings for a birthday can be send by SMS or in a greeting card. A short funny saying for a birthday, for example, is "Congratulations on your advanced age." Or "You know that you're getting old when you need longer than two minutes to count up to the annual number." There are many other funny birthday sayings for men, women and children.

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Birthday Wishes

With birthday wishes you can send congratulations for someone celebrating his birthday. The form in which these birthday greetings are transmitted depends on the relationship and the age of the one having birthday. Man in advanced age are especially pleased with a birthday card that comes with the postal mail. A greeting card for a birthday requires more effort than a simple text message or an email. In addition, you can write funny greeting cards or leave a few personal words. Young people can be congratulated with a SMS text message for a birthday - they are used to communicate with the phone. The partner, mother or other close relatives and friends, however you should submit in person. In any case you should make at least a small gift for the birthday of loved ones.

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40th Birthday Sayings

Sayings and phrases for a 40th Birthday are send to a friend, an acquaintance or a relative for his 40th birthday. At the age of 40 we stand with both feet on the ground. The professional career is on the right track and most people have found the partner for life. At the age of 40 many people get into a midlife crisis, so sayings and phrases should not deal with the age itself or make jokes about getting or aging. It is possible to mark the 40th birthday sayings rather funny and original. Online you will find many ideas for short sayings for 40th birthday which you can send with your mobile phone as an SMS or write in a birthday card or greeting card.

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70th Birthday Phrases and Sayings

The 70th Birthday is a special day, because not everyone gets 70 years old. Especially if you still enjoy good health, you should do a big 70th Birthday party with lots of nice people. You may send congratulations to somebody getting 70 years old using funny sayings, short texts or short poems which are written into a greeting card or a congratulation card. The 70th Birthday should be fun which is reflected by the birthday sayings. For example, "Now you are 70 years and still fit as a fiddle" or "Now you can take off properly and have fun" are witty sayings for the seventeens birthday.

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