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Baptism Congratulations

Baptism is a special event for the parents of a recently born child. If you would like to congratulate the parents for baptism, you usually send congratulations in the form of a special baptism congratulation card. Nowadays you may also send an SMS using your mobile phone to express your baptism wishes. It should contain some funny or meaningful sayings, quotes or poems or awards regarding the christening.

Baptism symbolizes the entrance of a child (in some cases even an adult) in the religious community. It is therefore a religious event. Therefore, we can make traditional, contemplative sayings for the baptism. Christening is a very old event - many people already thought about congratulations phrases and whishes for baptism. Therefore we can find baptism quotes, poems, verses, rhymes and sayings even in classical literature and of course in the internet.

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 Baptism Invitation Cards  The baptism of a baby is celebrated by the familiy. You should send out baptism invitations cards with photos and texts in order to invite friends and relatives.
 Baptism Congratulations  Baptism is a religeous event. We can find christening quotes, rhymes, verses, sayings and texts for baptism in many sources.

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