Baptism Godfather Phrases

A godfather for the baptism of a child or several godparents is determined to keep the child during the ceremony and will be a consultant and contact person in later life. Baptism Godparents make the baby gifts, say at the baptism of awards sponsors and accompany the child on the way into the community. Phrases for baptism by godparents are mostly Christian, because it is a religious event. "I can sponsor your being, you do not always stay so small, even in later life, I'll give you advice and assistance" for example is a verse for baptism, which is able to write a godfather to his goddaughter in a congratulation card or as short text. Sayings and phrases for christening can also be found in the bible.


Wording Birthday Gift Voucher

The wording of a birthday gift voucher is the text you write on a voucher which explains for what it can be used. A voucher or coupon saying it is a text, rhyme, verse or quote which is either funny or witty, or humorously deals with that which is intended for the voucher. For example you may give a portion of the fee for a driving lice for the 18th birthday as a voucher. Or you can give a voucher for a driver safety training, if the young person is already receiving a driver's license or already owns one. For the 40th Birthday of a woman you can give away a voucher for a spa vacation or a spa treatment such as massage or sauna as a birthday gift. The wording should be something like "This is a gift voucher for a spa treatment - happy birthday".


Kids Birthday Poems

Birthday poems for kids are written into invitations cards, greeting cards or congratulation cards for a children's birthday. You may use such poems to invite kids to the birthday party or the congratulate a boy or a girl. You may write a child's birthday poem yourself in order to get a very unique and original verse or you may seek for a template on the Internet. One should pay attention to personalize the poem, that is, paraphrase it so that it fits on the specific birthday child.

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