Wedding Invitation Phrases

Wedding Invitation phrases are short sayings that you write in an invitation for your wedding. Depending on your taste the text for a wedding invitation is more of a slogan in a romantic invitation and deals sensibly with the theme wedding and marriage, or it is a funny text for the wedding which is more humorous and sarcastic and includes jokes about the ceremony. You may choose a predefined wedding invitation card and just provide your texts or design your own cards and let them be printed by a printing service. A banner for an invitation to the wedding should be brief and concise in any case.


Funny Baby Rompers

Funny baby romper are baby clothes with with funny pictures or funny sayings printed in the front. In the baby department of fashion houses, or in special shops for baby clothes and baby goods you can find numerous baby rompers with funny sayings and quoptes. This can be for example to "Just like the mom, but more easy to handle" or just a text like "Baby Monster". You can also print your own phrase on a baby romper. There are some online shops that take care of printing on baby clothing. Another funny slogan is "Crazy for Milk."

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