Funny Birthday Sayings

With funny birthday sayings we congratulate someone for his birthday. This can be a friend, relative or even a work colleague, would like to be congratulated on his birthday. A birthday saying something sarcastic or ironic and can be playfully and humorously with the subjects ag, or growing up - depending on the age of the one having birthday we would like to congratulate. Sayings for a birthday can be send by SMS or in a greeting card. A short funny saying for a birthday, for example, is "Congratulations on your advanced age." Or "You know that you're getting old when you need longer than two minutes to count up to the annual number." There are many other funny birthday sayings for men, women and children.


Wedding Invitation Phrases

Wedding Invitation phrases are short sayings that you write in an invitation for your wedding. Depending on your taste the text for a wedding invitation is more of a slogan in a romantic invitation and deals sensibly with the theme wedding and marriage, or it is a funny text for the wedding which is more humorous and sarcastic and includes jokes about the ceremony. You may choose a predefined wedding invitation card and just provide your texts or design your own cards and let them be printed by a printing service. A banner for an invitation to the wedding should be brief and concise in any case.

Wedding Card Text

A wedding card text is a short text that you write in a wedding card, ie a greeting card to the wedding. Such Wedding texts can handle fun with the wedding, the marriage or the wedding couple. "For your marriage, we wish you all the best" is a little more original text for the wedding. "Let there you go good on his honeymoon and enjoy the last days in rest and relaxation" is a funny saying that can be used as a Wedding Text. We may in Wedding ironic and sarcastic, but never be offensive and vulgar

Wedding Congratulations Wording

If you would like to congratulate someone for the wedding, you usually send a wedding congratulation card with funny sayings about marriage and living together. Wedding cards sayings for a friend or relative may be a bit sarcastic. Traditional wedding cards contain short texts such as "We heartily congratulate the bride and groom to their marriage." That sounds a bit boring. "Now you've finally made it after 5 years, making your relationship official " is something more relaxed. Of course it always depends, who you send a wedding card. "Now you're married - which means that you now share everything. Practically speaking, each one has only half as much as before" is a common and funny wedding card saying that is suitable only for close friends. The wording in a congratulation cards should contain poems, phrases or other self written texts.

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