Funny New Baby Sayings

When a new baby is born the parents are congratulated. Often the mother in the hospital would not be attending, so that she and the baby comes to rest. Therefore, we can congratulate via SMS for the birth of the baby. It is a good idea to include funny baby sayings in the short text of that message, so that an original and humorous message is sent to the mother. For example, the birth of a daughter "I hope she is as sweet as you are" or the birth of a son "looks like his Dad - hopefully easier to maintain". There are many funny sayings for the birth of a baby, so it should not be difficult to write your own funny baby sayings. You may also find lots of funny text for this occasion in the internet.


Birthday Wishes

With birthday wishes you can send congratulations for someone celebrating his birthday. The form in which these birthday greetings are transmitted depends on the relationship and the age of the one having birthday. Man in advanced age are especially pleased with a birthday card that comes with the postal mail. A greeting card for a birthday requires more effort than a simple text message or an email. In addition, you can write funny greeting cards or leave a few personal words. Young people can be congratulated with a SMS text message for a birthday - they are used to communicate with the phone. The partner, mother or other close relatives and friends, however you should submit in person. In any case you should make at least a small gift for the birthday of loved ones.

New Baby Congratulation Phrases

Congratulations for a Baby Birth are send to the parents when a baby is born. With baby congratulations you wish the best for the parents and for the just born baby. You can make such congratulations on the phone. The mother may still stay in hospital. Alternatively, you send a greeting text in a SMS message using you mobile phone. Congratulations to the baby should only be made in case of a successful birth and a healthy baby. "We are very happy for you and the newborn baby" is a classical example for a congratulation text. Many other phrases can be found online. You should also send a gift to the parents - a godd idea is a set of two picture frames - one to keep and one to send back. This way you request a photo of the baby.

Baptism Wishes

Congratulations to baptism are send to parents of a baby that has just been baptized. The child himself can still do not understand congratulations, so baptism whishes are addressed to father and mother. Baptism is a Christian event, so that those whishes can still hold religious elements when the parents let the child out of conviction and not out of social constraints baptized. Nowadays, you can send christening whishes via SMS, but better sending a greeting card is more personal. "Congratulations to the baptism of a healthy and sweet child" is a classic phrase, which can be written as a greeting for baptism in a card. "Your daughter is really sweet as sugar - all the best to be baptized!" is a message of congratulations to the baptism of a girl and "Baptism all the best to your son - a really sweet baby" is another sweet award as congratulations for the christening.

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