Golden Wedding Invitations

The golden wedding anniversary is traditionally held in honor of the anniversary couple a grand celebration with all the relatives and many friends. Often the people who would have been happy as a guest of the celebration of the golden wedding, widely dispersed geographically. So you should soon send invitations to the golden wedding. Invitations for this happy event may be allowed to print - often is a classic, one using 50 with a golden bay wreath. You can create invitations for the golden wedding anniversary but also original and print it yourself. This requires a computer and some design skills. It is a nice idea, if a photo of the couple is stuck in the invitation card.


New Baby Congratulation Phrases

Congratulations for a Baby Birth are send to the parents when a baby is born. With baby congratulations you wish the best for the parents and for the just born baby. You can make such congratulations on the phone. The mother may still stay in hospital. Alternatively, you send a greeting text in a SMS message using you mobile phone. Congratulations to the baby should only be made in case of a successful birth and a healthy baby. "We are very happy for you and the newborn baby" is a classical example for a congratulation text. Many other phrases can be found online. You should also send a gift to the parents - a godd idea is a set of two picture frames - one to keep and one to send back. This way you request a photo of the baby.

Funny Wedding Poems

Funny Wedding Poems are written into wedding invitation cards and congratulation texts for a wedding. Funny wedding poems can be found online and in books which explain what to do when you are going to marry. You may also write some marriage poems on your own get very personal and unique wedding gratulation cards. Such cards are send to friends and relatives. Nowadays wishes and greetings for weddings are also transmitted by SMS using a mobile phone. This way is suitable for collegues and neighbours. It's not too hard to write a wedding poem by yourself - there is no need for a impressive and high quality poem. Just make clear that you are happy about the marriage.

Wording Birthday Gift Voucher

The wording of a birthday gift voucher is the text you write on a voucher which explains for what it can be used. A voucher or coupon saying it is a text, rhyme, verse or quote which is either funny or witty, or humorously deals with that which is intended for the voucher. For example you may give a portion of the fee for a driving lice for the 18th birthday as a voucher. Or you can give a voucher for a driver safety training, if the young person is already receiving a driver's license or already owns one. For the 40th Birthday of a woman you can give away a voucher for a spa vacation or a spa treatment such as massage or sauna as a birthday gift. The wording should be something like "This is a gift voucher for a spa treatment - happy birthday".


Groomsmen Wedding Speeches

A groomsmen or best man speech should be written personally by a groomsmen and address the bride and the groom. Such a speech should entertain the wedding guests so it should be short and funny. It's not too hard to write it on your own. Just express your confidence for a happy and long relationship, tell the bride how nice she is and say thank you to all the people for the organization of the wedding ceremony and the wedding party.

New Baby Whishes

For the birth of a baby you should congratulate the parents with a card or in person or via SMS using your mobile phone. In any case, you need some new born baby whishes, quotes or texts to express that you are happy about the birth of the child and send all good whishes to the mother and father.

The baby's birth is an exciting event for the parents and all relatives and friends. When a healthy baby sees the light of day, the parents are relieved and full of euphoria - especially if it is the first child of the couple. Whishes for the birth should take up the glad and joyous mood and contain no negative reservations. "Congratulations on the birth of your child - we wish you a lot of patience and success in the coming months" is a short funny text which you can send to the parents.

Whishes for a newborn baby can also be delivered in person. In this case you should bring a gift for a baby including a congratulation card with a short text, amusing poems about the baby or little rhymes and verses. Such texts are also required if you want to receive a birth announcement or baby announcement in a magazine or online.

Unique Pregnancy Gifts

When a friend or relative is pregnant, you can make her happy and give her something that her pregnancy will help in this exciting time or memorable. A popular gift idea for pregnancy is a photo shoot with a photographer who has the baby bump is beautiful in scene and always keeps in the photo. Another possibility for a woman during pregnancy are Guides that describe the handling of the newborn or the understanding of the changes in your body. The first baby shoes or baby rompers for the yet unborn child are also beautiful gifts. Alternatively, you can give away a baby album, in which both the pregnancy will be documented, including ultrasound photos as well as the first months of life of the baby.


30th Birthday Gifts for Her

Gifts for Women for her 30th birthday are not so hard to find. At the age of 30 a woman places much emphasis on here own home, so a gift to beautify the apartment is a great birthday gift idea for the 30th birthday. For athletic women vouchers for a gym or a spa treatment are nice presents. A good idea is the giving of jewelry for her 30th anniversary. With a fine chain or a ring you can many almost every woman happy. More gift ideas for women depend a bit on the hobbies of her. Sports gifts are good, a voucher for going out to dinner is also a great idea.


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