Birthday Wishes

With birthday wishes you can send congratulations for someone celebrating his birthday. The form in which these birthday greetings are transmitted depends on the relationship and the age of the one having birthday. Man in advanced age are especially pleased with a birthday card that comes with the postal mail. A greeting card for a birthday requires more effort than a simple text message or an email. In addition, you can write funny greeting cards or leave a few personal words. Young people can be congratulated with a SMS text message for a birthday - they are used to communicate with the phone. The partner, mother or other close relatives and friends, however you should submit in person. In any case you should make at least a small gift for the birthday of loved ones.


Wedding Congratulations Wording

If you would like to congratulate someone for the wedding, you usually send a wedding congratulation card with funny sayings about marriage and living together. Wedding cards sayings for a friend or relative may be a bit sarcastic. Traditional wedding cards contain short texts such as "We heartily congratulate the bride and groom to their marriage." That sounds a bit boring. "Now you've finally made it after 5 years, making your relationship official " is something more relaxed. Of course it always depends, who you send a wedding card. "Now you're married - which means that you now share everything. Practically speaking, each one has only half as much as before" is a common and funny wedding card saying that is suitable only for close friends. The wording in a congratulation cards should contain poems, phrases or other self written texts.

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