Baptism and Christening Gifts

The baptism or christening of their own child's parents for a special occasion. What gives you the parents on this occasion?



Baptism Godfather Phrases

A godfather for the baptism of a child or several godparents is determined to keep the child during the ceremony and will be a consultant and contact person in later life. Baptism Godparents make the baby gifts, say at the baptism of awards sponsors and accompany the child on the way into the community. Phrases for baptism by godparents are mostly Christian, because it is a religious event. "I can sponsor your being, you do not always stay so small, even in later life, I'll give you advice and assistance" for example is a verse for baptism, which is able to write a godfather to his goddaughter in a congratulation card or as short text. Sayings and phrases for christening can also be found in the bible.

Baptism Gifts

Christening gifts are traditionally given to parents of a baby that has just been born. Original ideas for christening presents are for example, a year's supply of diapers or baby clothes, which are custom printed with the name of the child. Since baptism is a Christian tradition, symbols like a cross or a children's bible are given as christening gifts. Such christening gifts, however, are only suitable for religious parents. Money for the christening gifts are now also very popular. With an original cash gift packaging as a rather unimaginative gift to an original christening.


Baptism Invitation Cards

For a baptism of a baby the grandparents and other relatives and friends are invited. You can buy ready made invitation cards for the christening or baptism, but such cards usually look very classic and not very personal. Invitations for baptism can also be made by yourself. A nice idea is to take a picture of the baby and write some texts and phrases on the back of the picture and send it out as an invitation. You can either label the photo directly using your computer or edit the photo and add some text. When you make your own cards you should keep in mind to use the format of a postcard so you can put it easily into a standard envelope.


Baptism Wishes

Congratulations to baptism are send to parents of a baby that has just been baptized. The child himself can still do not understand congratulations, so baptism whishes are addressed to father and mother. Baptism is a Christian event, so that those whishes can still hold religious elements when the parents let the child out of conviction and not out of social constraints baptized. Nowadays, you can send christening whishes via SMS, but better sending a greeting card is more personal. "Congratulations to the baptism of a healthy and sweet child" is a classic phrase, which can be written as a greeting for baptism in a card. "Your daughter is really sweet as sugar - all the best to be baptized!" is a message of congratulations to the baptism of a girl and "Baptism all the best to your son - a really sweet baby" is another sweet award as congratulations for the christening.

Baptism Symbols

There are many symbols associated with baptism and christening. Such symbols are used on baptism invitations, congratulation cards or on a baptismal candle or a christening gown. The fish was once a sign of Christian baptism, and is popularly used as a symbol. Another symbol is the ship that stands for Noah's Ark, which is used for classic baptism ceremonies. The rainbow is considered as a link between God and the earth and used as a symbol for baptism. The hand of God is found again in the context of a baptism. Symbolically, it is that God extends his hand to the godchild.


Baptism Congratulations

Baptism is a special event for the parents of a recently born child. If you would like to congratulate the parents for baptism, you usually send congratulations in the form of a special baptism congratulation card. Nowadays you may also send an SMS using your mobile phone to express your baptism wishes. It should contain some funny or meaningful sayings, quotes or poems or awards regarding the christening.

Baptism symbolizes the entrance of a child (in some cases even an adult) in the religious community. It is therefore a religious event. Therefore, we can make traditional, contemplative sayings for the baptism. Christening is a very old event - many people already thought about congratulations phrases and whishes for baptism. Therefore we can find baptism quotes, poems, verses, rhymes and sayings even in classical literature and of course in the internet.

Money Gifts for Christening

Money for the christening gifts have become very popular lately. New parents are financially burdened by the offspring. You have to buy baby clothes, diapers, baby food and many other things to supply the child. To alleviate this burden, monetary gifts are an effective way to baptism.
You can wrap gifts of money to hand over the money rather than baptism nicely in an envelope. Ideas for gift-wrapping for baptism can be found on the Internet.


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