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You are looking for a gift idea for a special occasion, for your partner or a relative? At you find loots of gift ideas for almost any occasion. Browse through our categories to find the gift you are looking for. It doesn't matter if you need a gift for a birthday party, for your partner on Valentine's day, for your mother on mother's day or for a relative on Christmas. We have many gift ideas sorted by occasion, person or festivity. Some more gift ideas and wishes for a Birthday and for other occasions can be found at

Why make gifts?

If you are roaring in your twenties or if you are in your salad days - if your are a matured fifty or an elderly person - the age doesn't matter, because gifts definitely make everybody happy and bring a smile on your face. One who love to get gifts love to make gifts for other people too. You don't have too pay too much. The gift idea does matter, not the price of the gift. So the most important part of making gifts is a good gift idea. Gift ideas show your refinement and finer taste. We have many gift ideas which do not cost too much. Just have a look at our various gift idea categories.

Gift occasions

We do not always have the time to dig for good gift ideas for hours and days in order to find gifts suited for special occasions. Keeping this time constraint in mind, this site helps to find good gift ideas for each event and every mood. If you think that you have run out of good ideas for gifting items just browse through the appropriate category and read the texts.
Do you want to make a gift for your father or mother on certain festivities? Are you worried about what to gift your partner on Valentine's Day? Do you have to find a proper present for your collegues or your boss? Are you invited to a wedding party or a birthday party and you have to find a good gift idea within just a few hours? With pimporado you are able to find what we and other users have found out to be a great gift idea.

New gift ideas

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When a couple is married for five years it celebrates the wooden wedding. After 5 years of marriage you should take the chance and make this anniversary as an occasion for a small celebration with friends and relatives. The 5th wedding anniversary ist called the wooden anniversary. Wood stands for stability and traditionally gifts are made of wood. Wooden figures or decoration made of wood for the apartment is very popular as a gift. With a greeting card made of wood you can congratulate for the 5th . With funny sayings, short poems or with a small yearbook with photos of the bride and groom can make a little joy for the couple.


Wedding Toast Speeches

At a wedding celebration some guests have to perform a wedding toast speech. Traditionally, the father of the bride makes a dinner speech for the wedding. Often bear witnesses before a dinner speech and the groom would like to thank all guests for the wedding ceremony and thanked all who had part in planning the celebration. A wedding toast speech should not be too long - after all the wedding guests waiting for their food. Long-dinner speeches are boring. With a dinner speech, you should try to entertain the guests and provide a reason or another funny story or anecdote

30th Birthday Gifts for Her

Gifts for Women for her 30th birthday are not so hard to find. At the age of 30 a woman places much emphasis on here own home, so a gift to beautify the apartment is a great birthday gift idea for the 30th birthday. For athletic women vouchers for a gym or a spa treatment are nice presents. A good idea is the giving of jewelry for her 30th anniversary. With a fine chain or a ring you can many almost every woman happy. More gift ideas for women depend a bit on the hobbies of her. Sports gifts are good, a voucher for going out to dinner is also a great idea.


Funny Baby Rompers

Funny baby romper are baby clothes with with funny pictures or funny sayings printed in the front. In the baby department of fashion houses, or in special shops for baby clothes and baby goods you can find numerous baby rompers with funny sayings and quoptes. This can be for example to "Just like the mom, but more easy to handle" or just a text like "Baby Monster". You can also print your own phrase on a baby romper. There are some online shops that take care of printing on baby clothing. Another funny slogan is "Crazy for Milk."

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

What is a suitable silver wedding anniversary gift? As with all gifts, it's quite difficult to find a good gift idea for the 25th wedding. Monetary gifts are quite unusual for this special occasion - they are quite popular as a wedding . To find a unique and original silver wedding anniversary gift, you should know some details about the couple. Otherwise it could be that you buy a silver wedding anniversary gift which is useless for the couple.
If you do not know much about the couple you may talk to friends and relatives in order to find out what they want and what they need. Sometimes multiple anniversary guests join and buy one bigger present for the 25th wedding anniversary.
A good idea is a travel voucher so they can have a nice trip to new locations. Spa vouchers are also quite popular for older people.

Weddings Announcements

Are you looking for wedding announcement? Wedding announcements are often published in a local newspaper to announce the wedding. Wedding announcements are also used to let everyone know about the eve too. Photo wedding announcements are quite popular. You have to find good texts, wording or phrases for your announcement. You may find samples and templates online. Here are some wedding announcement examples:
We are proud to announce our wedding on May 28th, 2010.
We are going to marry! Join us on April 12th, 2010 at the church!
Elegant wedding announcements are also quite popular. They are often printed in black and white and contain some wording like: "We are united as one in marriage."

Golden Wedding Anniversary Speech

A speech for a golden wedding anniversary ist one of the greatest difficulties The speaker faces the problem, presenting 50 years in just minutes! A golden wedding anniversary speech should be as short as not to bore the audience. Speeches longer than ten minutes are not very popular and the audience will hardly stay on the ball for more then 10 minutes.
Decades full of ups and downs of marriage and you have to sum it up into a speech of 5 or 10 mintes. Since many memories come together you should order all ideas and important milestones in the life of the anniversary couple.

Wedding Symbols

Symbols for the wedding have evolved over the centuries and have partially fallen into oblivion. The most famous symbol, the wedding rings, which put both spouses during the marriage ceremony on the finger and wear it, ideally for life. During the marriage they are called wedding bands. Another symbol for the wedding is the wedding candle. It is given by the witnesses to the wedding couple. This candle is inscribed with the names of the couple and date and place of marriage. This symbol of wedding or marriage is less common. During the wedding, there are other traditions that can be seen symbolically. Thus, the kiss after the ceremony is maintained by all couples. The folding of the hands is a symbol of marriage that is not more widespread. In addition to wedding cake, bridal car, bridal gifts and bridal bouquet be regarded as symbols of the wedding.

Kids Birthday Poems

Birthday poems for kids are written into invitations cards, greeting cards or congratulation cards for a children's birthday. You may use such poems to invite kids to the birthday party or the congratulate a boy or a girl. You may write a child's birthday poem yourself in order to get a very unique and original verse or you may seek for a template on the Internet. One should pay attention to personalize the poem, that is, paraphrase it so that it fits on the specific birthday child.

40th Birthday Ideas

The 40th Birthday should be celebrated in a circle of friends. To make the birthday party a success, you should seek for original ideas to entertain the guests. First, a venue must be chosen. The birthday party can take place at home or you can rent a hall or a fancy place like a cruise boat or a sports facility, such as bowling or cart track. At the birthday celebration of the 40th Birthday you can organize party games so that pays for the guests are not getting bored. Drinking games should be avoided. For entertainment, a DJ should provide the music that fits the taste of the birthday guests. Mood music are popular at late hours for people around the age of 40. There should be an opportunity to dance so everyone can celebrate well. Last but not least you should ensure that all guests return home safely - by taxi or by a car service.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording ist the text you write into a wedding invitation card. The wording should be unique and funny. You may use quotes, rhymes, phrases and short poems for you personal wedding inviations. You should not forget to include the important information like date of the marriage and how to get to the wedding ceremony and the party. An example for a wedding invitation wording is "We will get married! Please join us!". Some famous people already made statements on getting married, living together and man and woman in general. You may use such quotes like "this makes a weak man brave".

70th Birthday Phrases and Sayings

The 70th Birthday is a special day, because not everyone gets 70 years old. Especially if you still enjoy good health, you should do a big 70th Birthday party with lots of nice people. You may send congratulations to somebody getting 70 years old using funny sayings, short texts or short poems which are written into a greeting card or a congratulation card. The 70th Birthday should be fun which is reflected by the birthday sayings. For example, "Now you are 70 years and still fit as a fiddle" or "Now you can take off properly and have fun" are witty sayings for the seventeens birthday.

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